There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson


Challenge Quests (a list)

1. Zombie Me!

Have a little fun to start your quest. Submit a picture of yourself as a zombie! Download any one of these apps for your phone or tablet and Zombie yourself.  Send the picture to: EnglishChallenge@hotmail.com and you will receive 50 points!  If you can't download the app, then try Photofunia!

Dead Yourself  (android)  (apple)

ZombieBooth (andrioid

Photofunia -  Zombie (computer/pc)

2. Warm Bodies & The New Hunger


Warm Bodies

by Isaac Marion

For  500 points simply read the book and complete this question booklet!

Click here to be taken to the Warm Bodies page on EnglishCaddy

Click here to download the free PDF


The New Hunger

by Isaac Marion

The prequel to Warm Bodies

For 500 points simply read the book and complete the question booklet!

Click here to be taken to the Warm Bodies page on EnglishCaddy

Click here to download the free PDF

3. Zombie Apocalypse Mind Preparation Book

4. Anatomy Journal

An excellent knowledge of the human anatomy is important in post zombie apocalyptic world where you may not be able to find doctors.  Also a completed workbook will earn you 500 points in the Zombie Challenge!

Click here to download the PDF

5. Episode Review

For 100 points per episode, you can write a review about the episodes for either of the these two series. There are 2 seasons of In the Flesh and 4 seasons of The Walking Dead to choose from. Click on the posters to be taken to a page where you have several options to view the series, or visit the CRL Le Bel for copies of the DVD's.

To learn how to write your review download the PDF file: Tips on writing a good episode summary

 VOST Anglais  VOST Anglais
 In The Flesh BBC
The Walking Dead, AMC

Download: Tips on writing a good episode summary.

Links to Ororo.tv require an account.  To create a free account go to Ororo.tv, then click on " Log In".  After the pop-up opens, choose"Sign Up" and follow the instructions.  You can sign up using Facebook if you choose with out negative consequences.

6. Pandemic Exposé

For 100 points write a report or an exposé about a real-life contagious disease, epidemic or pandemic. Past or present.  


Click here to download the guidelines for your exposé.

7. Disaster Preparedness

For up to 600 points, create your very own Zombie Apocalypse Contingency Plan. This is a chance for you to show off your creativity, problem solving skills, and critical thinking abilities.  This is a graded task and you can earn between 0 and 600 points.  You will receive points for the thoroughness, plausibility, creativeness, presentation and grammar of your plan.  Sound hard, but it's a lot of fun.  Try this simple 5 point guide to help you help yourself survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Some sources for research:

 Gregg's Guidelines:


8. Ebola

For an easy 50 points write a brief summary of a recent article from a reliable news source concerning the Ebola virus.  You may do several of these, but the dates of the articles must be current and your summary must be turned in no later than one week after the publication date of the news source.

Click here to see more up-to-date articles

 Image from the CDC.gov website

9. Voodoo Museum

Learn more about the origins of zombies in a religious perspective.  To earn 50 points simply present me with the museum ticket or receipt from the Musée Vodou in Strasbourg.

Musée Vodou
4 rue de Koenigshoffen
67000 Strasbourg

06 01 22 12 53


10. Movie Guides/Review

Write a movie guide containing a 50 word lexicon, an overall review of the movie, your recommendation and a discussion about an event or situation in the film that can be viewed as a metaphor/allegory to the human condition.  300 points for each movie guide
Click here for tips on how to write a really good movie guide.

 Watch the trailers for these films.

Becareful on the links above, the streaming site contains many pop-ups and advertising.  NEVER enter your credit card information!  I recommend that you install Adblock to stop all advertising.  You can find it here: https://adblockplus.org/fr/ 

11. World War Z

The Book! A maximum of 250 points for each essay. Choose a vignette from the book World War Z by Max Brooks and write a short essay relating it to a current condition or situation facing the world today. (max 350 words)

The book is presented as a series of first-hand reports of the Zombie War as collected through personal interviews conducted by the narrator.  Choose one of these interviews or vignettes and write an essay first summarizing the events within, then continue writing about the political or social statement metaphorically alluded to by the author.

It actually sounds harder than it is.  When reading the book you'll find it's very easy to find parallels between the story and real-life situations.

 To find out more, listen to the lecture by Max Brooks himself about World War Z.

12. Reading Logs

You will earn 100 points for each Reading Log you complete. For more information on how to complete a Reading Log, click here. 

To download a printable PDF version click here.

13. Zombie Notebook

Collect and organize all of your Zombie English Challenge activities in a special zombie notebook.  You'll receive 75 points and you'll be better prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

14. Thriller Dance

For 250 points learn and perform Michael Jackson's zombie dance from Thriller!  Must be submitted as a video. (Don't worry you don't have to sing, just dance!) There are many tutorials available on-line below you'll find a playlist with many of the better instructional videos on Youtube.  You'll also find more information on the Zombie Activity page here.  So turn up the music, turn on your camera and DANCE!

15. Tour de Force

250 points will be awarded to all combatants that have completed at least 1 item from each of the 14 activities!

Zombie Combatant Scores

Check here frequently to see the progress of you and your fellow Zombie Challenge Combatants!

Click here to see the full spreadsheet on Google drive.