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Web Series

Web series can be just as good or better than T.V. series, and the best thing of all is they're free! 

Below you'll find a curated collection of top-rated, and in many cases award-winning web series broadcast for free over the internet. 

All of the web series below have are available with English subtitles and are good for beginners and advanced learners of English. If you're learning English and like horror, drama, comedy or adventure, browse the web series below and find your favorite.

So sit back and enjoy the show!

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He's With Me

(Drama) "He's With Me" is an award-winning, original comedy series created/written by Jason Cicci and directed by Sebastian La Cause, the director of the multi-award winning hit, "Hustling". The story follows an unlikely friendship between two men who reconnect at a friends' wedding. They come to learn how little they know about being modern men but how much they know about being there for each other. Channel page

Season 1

Season 2

Marble Hornets

(Drama/Horror) Inspired by the Slender Man mythos, Marble Hornets begins with footage left by a film student -- who was working on a feature project three years earlier after encountering a mysterious humanoid dubbed "The Operator" -- but quickly morphs into an addictive marathon of paranoia.  This highly-rated web series presents itself in "entries" instead of episodes of which there are over 100 at this time.  Channel Page


Middlemarch - The Series

 (Drama) A modernized, gender-bent, vlog-style web series adaptation of "Middlemarch" by George Eliot. Channel page


Convos With My 2 Year Old

(Comedy) Reenactments of conversations between a father and his two year old daughter Coco, but in the series Coco is played by a full grown man.

Season 1

 Season 2   Season 3   Season 4   Season 5  Season 6   Seasons 7 & 8

Don't Suck

(Comedy) Kinda, loosely, maybe inspired by true sucky events, DON’T SUCK is a dramedy about a gay, Christian, chronic masturbator named Tyler. Feeling stifled by college and ostracized by his conservative family, Tyler abruptly drops out of college and moves from Texas to New York City to pursue his career as an actor and singer-songwriter. Tyler, his nudist roommate, waffling bestie Alex, and high school heartbreak Greg all share that universal life goal: Don't Suck. - Channel page

Season 1


The Guild

(Comedy) The show revolves around the lives of online guild, The Knights of Good, who play countless hours of an unnamed MMORPG video game. The story focuses on Codex, the guild's Priestess, who attempts to lead a normal life after one of her guild-mates, Warlock Zaboo, shows up on her doorstep. Channel

Season 1

Season 2   Season 3   Season 4   Season 5(?)   Season 6

Jake & Amir

(Comedy) By College Humor

 All season in above playlist.

Life Interrupted

(Comedy) Former child actor Mason Bell, (Mason Reese) whose career peaked at the age of 10 is turning fifty and nothing has turned out quite the way he expected. He lives in New York's East Village in a rundown studio apartment over the equally run down bar he co-owns with his ex-wife, Ally (Alison Arngrim). Ally left Mason years ago to marry gallery owner Nina Woodworth (Erin Murphy). Adding to the fun is Mason's former mother-in-law, and landlady Annie Hughes (Dawn Wells), Nina's mother Marnie (Michael Learned), Mason's best friend Oliver the globe trotting rocker (Robbie Rist), a wise-cracking bar maid (Lindsay Heston), a studly dishwasher (Luis Lopez), Mason and Ally's son, Junior (Robbie Allen) and a bar full of colorful friends. Channel page

Season 1


The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

(Comedy) J, an awkward black girl, navigates the embarrassing minefield of love, friendship, and office politics.

Season 1

 Season 2

Notary Publix

(Comedy) by Above Average.  A comedy about some pretty "serious" notaries public. With stars from Saturday Night Live.

Season 1

 Season 2

Galactic Galaxy

(Sci-fi, comedy) GALACTIC GALAXY is an irreverent space saga filled with action, suspense, and a healthy dose of the absurd. It is the story of a Space Werewolf named Fen who teams up with a Space Trucker named Pam to rob an illegal space disco in order to fulfill his destiny and save the Galaxy. Channel Page

Season 1


Red Vs. Blue

(Action/comedy) by Rooster Teeth.  After the Halo event of 2552, there is a brief but violent period of civil war among the humans. Two armies on opposite sides of a canyon, the Reds and Blues, fight in the most worthless piece of real estate in the galaxy.

Season 1

 Season 2   Season 3   Season 4   Season 5   Season 6   Season 7   Season 8   Season 9   Season 10   Season 11   Season 12   Season 13   Season 14   Season 15


(Anime) Rwby (pronounced"ruby") by Rooster Teeth. An adventure fantasy series inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

 All seasons with subtitles in above playlist or on their website.

Star Trek New Voyages

Also known as Phase II, Star Trek New Voyages presents a fan-based series based on many of the original scripts planned for the second phase of the original Star Trek t.v. series.

Video Game High School

(Action) by Rocket Jump. In a futuristic world where gaming is the top sport, a teenager attends a school which specializes in a curriculum of video games in each genre.


Season 1   Season 2   Season 3

Crypt Monster Universe

(Horror/fantasy) A collection of non-connected short films in the monster/fantasy/horror genre.


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