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The Official Book Trailer by Isaac Marion

The Book


Warm Bodies is the first novel of Isaac Marion and follows the story of "R" (a zombie) who falls in love with Julie (a human).  A non-classic classic love story of 2 people from 2 different worlds that defy their social barriers and affect change through the power of love.   While the zombie genre may be becoming stale in both the film and print mediums, Isaac Marion offers us a "breath of fresh air" for zombie enthusiasts in this quirky romance.


Reading Comprehension Questions and Study Guide

 Download PDF version here.

Designed for students of English as a second language, this free comprehension guide will help you increase your vocabulary, better understand the book as well as identify themes and character traits therein.   Simply print the PDF, and answer the questions chapter by chapter.

Vocabulary Link. On-line activities using the vocabulary from the guide.

Exercises, Activities and Lessons

Vocabulary Exercises: 102 Vocabulary words directly from the novel Warm Bodies. Try the different activities to increase your vocabulary.

The Prequel


The New Hunger the prequel to Warm Bodies Presented in three distinct story lines all converging to an emotional and geographical point.  We follow Nora, her brother Addis struggling for survival after being abandoned by their parents: , Julie and her parents on the road looking for a place to survive and; three unnamed characters trying to understand what survival means.  The narrative emotionally documents the prehistories of the main characters of Warm Bodies as well as explores the meaning of existence and what they would be willing to do to maintain it.


Reading Comprehension Questions and Study Guide

Download PDF version here.

A companion booklet of comprehension questions for the book The New Hunger by Isaac Marion designed for ESL students.

If you loved Warm Bodies, you'll love knowing all about the characters before they arrived at the stadium.  So grab the book, pour glass of wine, dim the lights and give a good read!

The Sequel


Taking place after the events of Isaac Marion's first novel, The Burning World  deals with the problems of putting a post-apocalyptic world back together again.  Rejoin R, M, Julie and Nora as they deal with their own healing and how to "live" again newly healed world, all while fighting the corporate dogs that have risen from the rubble of the zombie apocalypse.  A worthy sequel to Warm Bodies written with well-crafted expressive and figurative passages.


The Author


The Film

  Naturally when you have a story this good, somebody will make a film. However film adaptations are just that; adaptations, and seldom faithful to the original.  So why not be your own "director" and imagine the story while reading author's original work.  Trust me, the images you create in your mind are of a much higher quality than of those on the screen.  


If you are a zombie fan, then you should click the image above for more exciting zombie-based games and activities!

The Zombie English Challenge 2014-2015

And of course if you're a zombie expert, then you don't want to miss out on the chance to show off your knowledge and take the Zombie English Challenge.  Sept. 1 2014 to June 30 2015. Good Luck!



Images from The Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray 1918, The Bartleby.com edition.