There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

the book

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky is a simple and captivating story centered around the life of Charlie in his first year of high school and his quest to find his place.

On this page you'll find tons of diverse activities and support to help you continue your enjoyment and understanding.

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the thoughts and questions study diary

What are your thoughts about Charlie? 

Download and print this study question booklet to help you examine your thoughts and feelings.

Large Format (A4 Portrait)

Small Format (A4 Lanscape, Booklet - 4 pages per sheet, front and back)


the audio book
the vocabulary

There may be a lot of vocabulary for you to learn in the book so here are 3 great activities to help you.

  • Verbal Workout - This site has the vocabulary arranged by the Parts in the book. Click on the word to find its definition.
  • Vocab Test - Games and tests using the vocabulary from the book.
  • Vocabulary List - An alphabetical list of the vocabulary found in the book.
the activities
  • Trivia Quiz - a simple quiz about story
  • Another Quiz - Test your knowledge of the book.
  • Literature - A list of the books given to Charlie by his English teacher.
  • Music - A list of the songs mentioned in the book.
  • Mixtape Activity - A journal friendly activity making a mixtape
  • Listening - Listen to the book and read it at the same time. (2 speeds to choose from)
the cover art

 Don't judge a book by its cover ... maybe...

There have been several different covers for the book since its first publication in 1999. In an essay, talk about the different covers hitting on the following:

  • Describe each cover using words.
  • Which one do you feel best represents the novel? Why?
  • Which cover is your personal favorite?
  • Which cover do you think your favorite character in the book would choose?

Project:  Personalize the novel and create your own alternative book cover like the one below.
Simply use a design program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or try a free online cover creator like Canva. Or draw your own on paper!

Download the essay/project sheet here.

Download a template to make your own cover.
the quotations

 “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Good quotes allow a book to speak to us long after we've finished reading, and this book is definitely loaded! 
Here are some activities that you can do with the quotes from the novel to keep the book speaking to you.

 Click here to download the scavenger hunt

the poem

 very emotional poem appears in a very emotional moment in the novel.  "Absolutely Nothing" credited by the author to Dr. Earl Reum, is a poem dealing with the loss of innocence through the changing environment around us as we come of age.  The poem itself is quite clear in its narrative, but its placement and role in the novel brings up many questions.

In this activity you're invited to explore your own theories and conjectures about the events and emotions surrounding this poem.

The reading of the poem was originally cut from the film, but still plays a big part in the novel.  Here is a video of Charlie reading the poem to his friends at the Secret Santa party.

Poem and Questions

the mixtape

Charlie makes mixtapes as a way of expressing himself including a particularly thoughtful one for Patrick. Making mixtapes is the ancient art of collecting and recording special songs to be given to a friend in the form of an audio cassette.  Making the perfect tape for someone was a gest greater than act itself.  Here is a sample of a virtual mixtape with the songs mentioned in the book.  With today's technology, you can make one online and send it to someone special, or even one just for yourself commemorating a special moment for example.

 Click here to go to Kaseta.co to create your very own mixtape.

 Click here to download a journal friendly activity for your English class.

the mixtape activity

 Make your own virtual mix tape.

Mix-tapes were a way of sending a special unique message to a friend or loved one via music and because of the amount of time and dedication needed to create that “perfect” tape the gift was even more meaningful.

But it seems it has become a lost art. Or has it? In modern literature, it seems to be making a comeback, either because of the nostalgia of the author or because of the uniqueness of its ability to convey a message greater than the sum of its physical parts.

Ironically, the very advancements in technology that killed the audio cassette tape, have also regenerated its popularity and provided us with new ways to create them.

We can now make virtual mix-tapes easily and in less time thanks to the internet.

Why not give it a try.

the "tunnel song"

David Bowie's "Heroes" was chosen for the "tunnel song" for the film, where no title was named in the book.  The author specifically references many song titles and their artists in the book, but never identifies the "tunnel song". Why do you think the author chose not to specify the "tunnel song" in the book?

A list of songs mentioned in the book.

what would you say to charlie?
further reading


Free bookmarks for your "Perks" book.  Download in PDF, print with a color printer double sided on thick card-stock or photo paper.  Then just cut them out and put them in your book! 

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