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Whether it was the film or the book that has caused you to investigate further into the life of Christopher McCandless, it is important to remember that he was a real person and while both the book and the film were well done, it is the life of Christopher McCandless that is the driving story.

If you have come to this page, it is safe to say the book or film left you with some questions.

This page is merely a collection of links to websites and documents that may help you find answers, but in many cases will provide you with more questions, which can be more valuable than answers.

NB. This page is under construction. Right now I'm in the process of getting all the information on the page.  The final step will be to make it look pretty. 

Please feel free to leave any suggestions or comments in the comment area at the bottom of the page.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Newspaper Articles

A list of various newspaper articles concerning Christopher McCandless.


A rare investigative news report about Christopher McCandless (20/20 ABC May 1997)
(YouTube subtitles/captions available)


The Stampede Trail & Denali

Essays and Stories

Stories and essays surrounding the events of the life of Christopher McCandless.


A list of books that were found among Christopher's possessions, referenced in his writing or that have become generally associated with his story.

Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer VF
  *Comprehension Questions (Companion booklet)

Back to the Wild, Christopher McCandless

Autobiography of a Super-Tramp W.H. Davies

The Wild Truth Carine McCandless (available November 11, 2014)

Book trailer for The Wild Truth narrated by Carine McCandless

*A quote from this short story can be found in the film Into the Wild (2007), but it is unlikely that Christopher would have been able to read this short story as it wasn't published in English until 2007 in A Tranquil Star.


People and organizations associated with Christopher.


Based his actions and the books that he read it can easily be said he was influenced by the literary and philosophic movement of American Transcendentalism.

Blogs and Fora

Online discussions.

Teaching Resources

Lesson plans and ideas for teaching Christopher's story.


Some the places associated with Christopher

  • Salton Sea - An environmental screw up of epic scale sent the Colorado river into the California desert creating the largest body of water in the state. YouTube video.(Google Map)

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