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Space Team ESL

Space Team ESL is a fun educational application you can use with your friends on your cell phones.  Created by Henry Smith and Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, Space Team ESL allows you to practice pronouncing some of the most commonly used words in English through a fast-paced collaborative game.

Here's what you need:

  • Groups of 2 or 4 players,
  • Internet connection or Bluetooth enabled devices,
  • Your cell phones (Android or iPhone) or tablets,
  • The application from Google Play or The App Store, and
  • A room or place where you can make a lot of noise!

Your mission is for you and your crew to keep flying your spaceship while avoiding all of the perils of interstellar travel. Oh, and be careful of the angry space dogs!

For more information, visit the creators' site at Concordia University.





What do you think? Tell us about your experience with the game.

Observances for those wishing to set up the game.

The following is a list of some of benefits and setbacks based on the observation of learners playing the game.  In general, the benefits squarely outweigh the drawbacks that might be encountered and with little effort, overcome.


  • Helps develop and improve the pronunciation of some of the most commonly used English words.
  • Creates a collaborative learning environment
  • Promotes and encourages teamwork
  • Provides positive reinforcement and encouragement to improve in the target language
  • Instills confidence in the learner necessary for them to become the master of their own "pedagogy"  
  •  Employs new technology in the language learning environment


  • Sometimes difficult to connect depending on WiFi situation available
  • Bluetooth connection can be slow in the higher levels of the game
  • Small learning curve
  • Dedicated physical space is necessary for game
  • Exclusivity. Only for those who have smart phones