There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Reading Comprehension - Intermediate

Many diverse and interesting activities for you to improve you reading skills and comprehension!

Who Killed Angela Spelling?

Practice your 'scanning' abilities by playing this interactive murder mystery computer game.

*You'll need the Clue Sheet before you begin, so click here to print it.

*Once you have the Clue Sheet, it's time to play the game!  Good Luck!



Speed Reading

Read the texts then respond to the questions.  Can be difficult...

  • Exercise 1 - develop your skills of word recognition
  • Exercise 2 - develop your skills of word recognition

Read the text and fill in the blank as you read.  Timed reading and comprehension


Process information, and then summarize it.

Comprehension and Vocabulary

Vocabulary building through reading comprehension.  The best way to increase you vocabulary is read, read, read!