There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Reading Activities

Here you will find different reading activities to improve your reading skills and comprehension.

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Don't forget the ever-expanding Library @EnglishCaddy.  Choose from a wealth of classic literature, research documents and reference materials.

Reading Log

A great option you can use to improve your English while you read is a Reading Log.  Keep track of your reading and vocabulary during the course of your English studies.  The English Reading Log is available for free down load and can be printed as a journal style notebook, or in single pages to be added to your own notebook.

Find out more about how you can improve your English using a reading log.

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Interactive Fiction

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Zork: I, II, & III

Many years ago, during the dawn of video gaming, games could only be played in a text-only MS-DOS environment.  These text-only games have held a place of nostalgia in the hearts of gamers everywhere and have since been renamed "Interactive Fiction".   As with all fiction, the words and sentences on the screen require your imagination to perceive and function in the environment around you.  

One of the most famous games of this error was a game known as 2ork and it has been lovingly emulated online for future generations to play, and fortunately for you an above excellent way to practice your English.

Zork flash | Free games with Games68.com

Click here for a list of commands for the game.

Miser's House

Another text-only interactive fiction adventure.  Give it a try, you might become addicted.


Why not try a book.  There are many books designed for different levels of readers.  Oxford Bookworms and Penguin Readers for example.  Once you're finished, click here for some interesting follow-up activities.