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Jane Austen 1775 - 1817,

One of England's greatest novelists.  Published anonymously in her lifetime, Jane Austen has lived on in her work to become one of England's most widely read and beloved authors, inspiring all who open her novels.

From September 1, to June 30, 2011, EngishCaddy invites you to join in honoring Ms. Austen's literary heritage, with an "online festival".  Many events and activities are planned, quizzes, games, a contest and even live viewings of film adaptations of her novels.  In the meantime or anytime feel free to explore what is 'Only Austen' with this multi-media page.

Some of the films were removed from YouTube, but do the popularity of the hits on the page, replacement videos have been found and as of 14 March the page was completely restored.  If you notice a film below that no longer works, please leave a comment in the comment box and a replacement will be found asap.  Thanks and enjoy!

The Real Jane Austen (2002 Documentary)

A BBC documentary produced in 2002 and directed by Nicky Patterson. The narrator Anne Chancellor is related to Jane Austen herself and played the part of Caroline Bingley in BBC' s "Pride and Prejudice '

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Sense & Sensibility


Published in 1811 under the pseudonym "A Lady" Sense and Sensibility was Jane Austen's first novel. Below is the 1971 BBC adaptation of the novel.

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Pride & Prejudice (1995) VO

Jane Austen's first attempt at publication but her second novel.  Started in 1796 it would not be published until 1813.  The following film is a BBC television adaptation.

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Mansfield Park (1999) 

Mansfield Park was Jane Austen's 3rd novel.  Written between 1812 and 1814 it was published immediately upon completion in July of 1814.  The above film is an exciting cinema adaptation of the novel.  A must see!
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Emma (1972) 

Published in 1815 this would be the last of Jane Austen's novels to be published in her lifetime.  The most charming of all her works, Emma continues to captivate and amuse its readers. 

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Northanger Abbey (2007)

The first of Jane Austen's novels to be completed for publication.  It was sold to a publisher in 1803 for £10, however it would not be published until December of 1817 - five months after her death.  The film is another BBC TV adaptation originally aired as a series.

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Persuasion (2007)

Persuasion is Jane Austen's last completed novel and the last to be published in 1817 again posthumously. Here presented in another great BBC TV series adaptation from 2007.

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Here you will find documentaries based on Jane Austen or her novels.

Pride and Prejudice - Having a Ball (Docu)

Great Books: Pride & Prejudice
(Documentary about the history, creation and relevance of P & P)

Dramatic Readings

These are some wonderfully read dramatic voice acting of Jane Austen's novels. You can read along on the books or download them for your mp3 player!  Provided by Librivox.org

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Mansfield Park
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Sense and Sensibility
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But remember...

While we are lucky to have such well-done film and TV adaptations of Jane Austen's novels, her stories can only really truly be experienced by reading them.  You'll find many of the early editions of her works in the EnglishCaddy Library.  All books are free for you to download or read online should you be so inclined.  Visit the library today.  Here's what's in store for you...


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