There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson



Regrouped on this page you will find the many multimedia offerings on EnglishCaddy.  



EnglishCaddy University Reinforce your studies and your English at the same time.  ECU provides complete university level courses from prestigious universities around the world.  Revise and review your studies in English in many subjects, including:  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Literature, Mathematics and many more coming soon.  Currently over
                                                                          1000 hours of online studies!



New and original serial podcasts.  These creative and well-written podcasts allow you to travel to lands far away engaging your imagination and immersing yourself completely in the English language.  Check out the different genres to find a series that interests you, and who knows, you may become addicted!



Soon to be 100 online documentaries on a vast array of subjects e.g. History, Physics, Space, Biography, etc.

Documentaries are great to learn English, narrators are chosen based on their vocal clarity and quality, the information is presented in a logical fashion, and the topics can be very motivating for the viewer.

Choose what interests you, remember you can pause and rewind the video at anytime to help you understand.



Feature Films on your own computer.

Many films old and new, all classified by level. Choose from Débutant, Intermediate, and advanced. Above all choose a film that you WANT to see!  Motivation is the key!

Also under feature films, don't forget to check out the online Thriller Film Festival, now a permanent feature on EnglishCaddy.

Take your seat, the show is just about to start!


Video Lessons

Débutant, Intermediate and Advanced.  Clear and concise online video lessons concerning vocabulary and grammar. Get a paper and pencil and let's attack!

Also check out the Schoolhouse Rock page for some great mnemonic grammar videos!