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Welcome to your class page on EnglishCaddy
Welcome to your first year in the CRL (Centre de Ressources en Langue) where you take charge of English.  This page is created for you to provide with you more information about your language class and requirements.
Don't forget there are many activities on EnglishCaddy.org and Relais for you to do.

Objective S1 & S2

Here is the list of objectives and goals for your 1st and 2nd semester English course.

 Objectives in French
 Objectives in English

Priorités de Travail

 A remplir dés la première séance de chaque semestre.

Modalités d'Evaluation

L1 S1

  • Validation intermédiaire du dossier*
  • Evaluation orale terminale (10’)
    • Qualité du dossier : coefficient 2
    • Qualité de la langue : coefficient 1

L1 S2

  • Validation intermédiaire du dossier*
  • Evaluation orale terminale
    • Qualité du dossier : coefficient 1
    • Qualité de la langue : coefficient 1

*dossier de travail élaboré pendant le semestre pendant les séances au CRL et en dehors.

Things to Explore

English Challenges

In the past, EnglishCaddy has held competitions designed to help improve your English by exploring a popular theme. While the yearly challenge is currently on hold, you can still enjoy the past challenges.

The past challenges are still active, however there are no points or prizes offered.

... And More

Remember there are many activities and resources available for you on EnglishCaddy, please feel free to explore the site and the language.

Some highlights:

  • Library (Multi-media books, magazines, journals and materials, etc.)
  • Multi-media (Films, videos, podcasts, audio dramas, new reports, etc.)
  • Games (Grammar, vocabulary, strategic, immersion, multi-player games and more.)
  • Themes (Explore English through by theme.  Into the Wild, The Hobbit, A Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Titanic, Jane Austen, The Fault in Our Stars, Zombies and many more.)
  • Si vous avez un niveau débutant ou A1/A2, je vous invite à me rejoindre en ligne sur Duolingo pour un accompagnement de langue supplémentaire.  Cliquez ici pour commencer.  https://www.duolingo.com/o/ydygjx
  • Médiathèques @ Pôle LanSAD Université de Strasbourg (Browse and borrow the many resources offered in your CRL)

Reading Log

In your dossier you will be required to keep and complete a reading and viewing log.  More information and sources for your Reading and Viewing Log entries can be found here:

Reading Log Information

Viewing Log Information


Let's hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments, ideas, observations and opinions.