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Science Daily

ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine. The free, advertising-supported service brings you breaking news about the latest discoveries and hottest research projects in everything from astrophysics to zoology.

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Topics covered: Health & Medicine, Mind & Brain, Plants & Animals, Earth & Climate, Space & Time, Matter and Energy, Computers & Math, Fossils & Ruins.


The New Scientist

New Scientist is widely read by both scientists and non scientists as a way of keeping track of scientific and technological progress. Many science articles in the general press are based on its contents, as New Scientist covers the social and cultural impacts and consequences of scientific and technological discovery, not just the underlying science. The magazine carries regular features, news and commentary on environmental issues and is an acknowledged source of evidenced information from the scientific community.
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Topics covered:  Space, Technology, Environment

Harvard University - The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard University Gazette is a weekly journal published by Harvard University focusing on Harvard based research and contributions in the areas from Art to Zoology, 


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Harvard Science Journal.  Search by topic or researcher for contributions by Harvards top researchers.

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Topics covered: Environment, Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, Medicine & Health, Culture & Society, Engineering & Technology

Drinking Water Engineering Science

Drinking Water Engineering and Science (DWES) serves scientists from universities and research institutes and engineers from water supply companies and engineering consulting firms.

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Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union -

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) is an international two-stage open access journal for the publication of original research in hydrology, pmaced within a holistic Earth System Science context.  The discussion and peer-review of submitted papers are handled in the open access discussion journal HESSD.  Final papers, upon acceptance, appear in HESS
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT News Office is the Institute's central hub for news about MIT research, initiatives and events. They report MIT news directly and work with journalists around the world to help showcase the achievements of their students, faculty and staff.
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 Topics covered: All Forms of Research

Yale Univerisity

 A research university located in Connecticut, New England. Yale University news is dedicated to the research, findings and publications of its students and faculty alike.

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 Health & Medicine  
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Topics covered: Arts & Architecture, Environment, Humanities & Social Sciences, International, Science & Engineering, Health & Medicine

World Health Organization

 Bulletin of the World Health Organization - International Journal of Public Health

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 Topics covered: Medicine and Health


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