There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Listening Activities Intermediate

Use the following online activities to improve your listening comprehension. *

Recorded Business Audio Texts

Choose from the following business audio texts, then complete the exercises at the end.

Recorded Scientific Audio Texts

Choose from the follwing scientific audio texts, then complete the exercises at the end.

Short Stories and Poems

Activities with short stories and poems.
A great way to increase your vocabulary, and your listening and reading comprehension.

  1.  Choose a story or poem you find interesting, then
  2.  Complete the preparation task, then
  3.  Listen to and read the story, and finally
  4.  Complete the tasks for comprehension.

Text Terminator

Try this collection of listening games from the British Council.  Click on the first word to start the audio, then type the words that you hear in the brief audio text.  Can be fun!

 An Over Talkative Child Fragility of Life
Persistence Wins the Day
 ButterfliesThe Double
Little Red Riding Hood
 True Love Story


General Audio texts

Real life situations and vocabulary. Listen and complete the exercises at the end.

Audio Stories

Short audio stories. Visit Storynory for a collection of short stories, fairy tales, poems, children's classics, myths and original stories. 

Click on Storynory's frog to be transported.

Hone Your Listening Skills

What should you hear?

  • Past or Present - Listen to the audio file, then decide if they are talking in the past or present tense.
  • Listening Games - A long list of games you can play to improve your listening skills.

Match Game - Use your audio memory to find the pairs in this classic game.There are no words nor images.

  • Game 1 - Bat, Bite, Boot, Bought, etc. 
  • Game 2 - Be, Me, He, She, See, etc.
  • Game 3 - Win, Wins, Wit, Wits, With, etc.
  • Game 4 - Leap, Reap, Read, List, etc.
  • Game 5 - Deep, Dip, Filled, Field, etc.


Why not listen to music to develop your listening skills?  Choose a song and complete the lyrics.

Strange Japanese Sea Creatures

Watch this short video about strange sea creatures in Japan (1m59s) and answer the questions below.

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A Quick TOEIC Type Quiz

This is a quick listening exercise.  This quiz mimics Part I of the TOEIC exam - Pictures.  This video contains 10 pictures and 4 statements for each picture.  It is all audio, and the statements are are not written in the test portion of this exercise.  Choose the statement which BEST describes the picture. There will be one example and instructions before you begin.

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