There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Listening Activities Advanced

Use the activities below to improve your listening comprehension.


The Answering Machine

Listening for specific information

Listen to the diffrent messages on the answering machine. 

  1. First print the  Question Sheet  (sheets are temporarily unavailable and will be back soon)
  2. Then Print the Gap Fill Sheet
  3. Now listen and play the game!

Business Briefing

Listen to this business briefing by Donald Trump, then answer the questions.

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A Holiday by the Sea

Listen to and watch the video, then complete the letter.

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American Slang

An interactive listening exercise to learn American slang.

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Choose your vacation; Cornwall, New York, the Great Barrier Reef, the Amazon or Egypt, listen to the audio text, then write a summary.  Hint: You may want to take notes during the story.  After give it to your professor to correct.

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You like Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and ER.  Now see if you can save lives!

  • Urgences! - Paramedic - Save the life of a victim and get them to hospital!
  • Urgences! - Doctor - Can you save the life of the casulty?
  • Urgences! - Nurse - Can you get your patient ship-shape and ready to go home?

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

Listen to O. Henry's famous ironic short story and respond to the listening comprehension questions.  You may need to listen several times



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Audio books & Stories

Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast - Reading has never been sexier.  A collection of short fiction (classic and original stories) read in the sultry tones of Miette.  Perfect to curl up and go to sleep with.