There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Welcome to EnglishCaddy's online library, a comprehensive compendium of literature and documentation providing educational enrichment for university level students during the course of their studies and language development.  

The Library is divided into 5 major collections: 

1.  Fiction Library - Novels, short stories and poetry

- Lit-to-go - Easily printed fiction.

- Audiobooks - An ever-changing collection of Audiobooks

- Interactive Fiction - Literature for gamers.

2.  Non Fiction Research Library

- Magazines and Journals

- Books, Theses and Research Publications

 3. Reference Library - Language and Dictionary references

 4. Resource Materials

- CV and Résumé writing materials

- TOEIC Preparation

5. Periodicals - A categorical aggregated news source drawing from newspapers and magazines from around the world. (Great for your reading log!)

Like all libraries the EnglishCaddy Library is constant a work in progress and contributions are made regularly. This library is intended to be a continually updated depository of all types of literature and to use the latest technology available in the distribution thereof.

Create Your Own Glossary

Download and print this free DIY glossary of vocabulary in PDF. to use while you're reading.  This can be used with any book or books.

New Book Reader!

Coming soon to EnglishCaddy, the new searchable book reader.  Save paper, read online.  Soon all the books on EnglishCaddy will have an online reader.  The reader is currently in Beta testing but once full available you will be able to read and search your favorite books on EnglishCaddy!  Here is a sample of what you can expect...

Featured here: "Cinderella"


Never Alone

Remember you are never alone!  Click on this page for some motivational songs and stories!

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