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Job Interviewing

Interviewing for a job can be intimidating in any language especially in English if it's not your first language.  However, with preparation you can overcome the language barrier and present yourself in a cool, relaxed and comfortable manner, making yourself a desirable candidate for the job!

On this page you will find exercises designed to help start your future in you chosen career path.

Good luck, and happy interviewing!

Step 1:  Know the Company!

This is the first and most important rule!  Research and study the company.

For those of you at the ENGEES who will be participating in the Job Interview Simulation with Veolia, click here to read more about the company.

Step 2: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for Your Job Interview

As said above in the "Know Your Company" section, researching the company you will be interviewing with is vital if you expect to have a chance!  However, there are many other things that you should do beforehand.  Think about how you will dress, how you will conduct yourself, what questions YOU will  ask the interviewer, and what stories you will tell him/her.

Read this valuable information provided by Monster.com

Step 3:  Know your Vocabulary

While it's impossible to cover all the vocabulary you will encounter during your interview, there are some words that we can target.

Step 4: Answering Questions

Listen to your interviewer.  Answer the questions as clearly and succinctly as possible.  Also pay attention to the tense used by the interviewer, and use that same tense in your response.

Here is a list of 52 possible questions that could arise during your interview.  Of course many questions are possible, however preparing these basic questions should allow you answer variations and similar questions.  Print this list and think about your responses.

Step 5:  Know How to Form Questions

Don't be passive during your interview. Be prepared to ask some questions yourself this shows interest on your part. *


Step 6:  Body Language

How you present yourself and handle yourself during the interview will tell the interviewer a lot about you.  If you are having a bit of difficulty expressing yourself in English, non-verbal communication can save/help you a lot!!! Here are some exerices based on body language and how to use this to your advantage.


A light-hearted look with serious points about self-presentation and non-verbal communication during a job interview.  Remember to turn on the subtitles.   If you would like to see an interactive script of the video, click on the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video.

Tip 1 - 01:11 - Greeting the employer
Tip 2 - 02:03 - Sitting properly
Tip 3 - 03:06 - Don't form body barriers
Tip 4 - 04:00 - Avoid touching your face
Tip 5 - 05:02 - Concentrate
Tip 6 - 05:53 - Don't fidget
Tip 7 - 06:50 - Avoid getting distracted
Tip 8 - 07:46 - Maintain eye contact
Tip 9 - 08:29 - Steer your body correctly
Tip 10 - 09:05 - Gestering with your hands
Tip 11 - 09:49 - Practice

Step 7:  Know How to Listen

Step 8:  Your C.V.

You most likely have already sent your C.V. and that is why you now have a interview.  However, you should ALWAYS bring a copy of your updated and freshly printed C.V. to your interview.  Your C.V. should reflect any recent changes such as, school, school year, address, phone, etc.  Also your C.V. should be printed on professional paper stock and as well dressed as you are!

For more information on preparing your C.V. go to the C.V. preparation page here on EnglishCaddy.