There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

The 2012 2013 EnglishChallenge Theme...

This was EnglishCaddy's first official challenge, however since the films are still being released in the theater and the continued popularity of the books, this page will be maintained and updated regularly. 

So enjoy the books, and make the odds ever in your favor by reading!


Capitol TV

The Trilogy

 Suzanne Collins crafts a wonderfully suspenseful story centered around Katniss Everdeen.  Katniss Everdeen lives in an impoverished area of one of the 12 poorest districts in Panem, a future dystopian North American that has been ravaged by war and rising ocean levels.  The totalitarian Capitol has divided the country into 12 strictly controlled and isolated districts whose habitants work to supply the people of the Capital with all its materialistic and luxurious needs while the citizens of the districts themselves remain poor and in need of many of the basic necessities of life.  About 75 years prior to the opening of the story, a rebellion in the districts occurred.  A war erupted between the districts and the Capitol. The victorious Capitol had then tightened its grip and instituted a “punishment” designed to remind the districts of the power of the Capitol and keep the citizens of the districts in a constant state of fear and oppression.  Annually, each of the 12 districts must send two tributes selected from the children aged 12 to 18 to the Capitol as a sacrifice in an arena of death.  In this arena the children are forced to combat the elements and each other until only one tribute remains.  This televised blood bath is called the Hunger Games….

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The Books

Have you read the books?

The Hunger Games (Scholastic 2008)
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Catching Fire (Scholastic, 2009)
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Mockingjay (Scholastic, 2010)
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The Themes

There are many themes and topics encompassed in the books, below you'll find a few of these subjects of discussion, with exercises and activities providing opportunities for you to work on your English and perhaps even help out others...


  • Free Rice - a vocabulary game that donates free rice to people in need.  Everyone wins!
  • Food Force - A Facebook game published by the United Nations World Food Programme If you like games like FarmVille, you will like this even better.  In this game you can make a real impact in the world!


 What is government's role in society?

Gratuitous Violence

 Reality Shows, Big Brother and the Roman Coliseum...

  • Weapons - a quick vocabulary game about weapons.
  • Media and Violence - "By the time the average child is 18 years old, they will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders." A fact sheet on youth and televised graphic violence. 
Self Discovery

 Try the Into the Wild Challenge and find out if you have what it takes to survive in nature.


  • The Cost of Life - A video game where you learn what it's like to provide essentials to those in need while managing a farm in Haiti.

The Films

Have you seen The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games The first film in the trilogy available on DVD in your area.

Watch the trailer...

Catching Fire! - The second film in the trilogy was released world-wide during the last week of November 2013

Check out the trailer...

Mockingjay - (part 1) The first part of the third book in the trilogy was released world-wide in November 2014

Trailer 1 for the film.

- (part 2) The second part of the third book in the trilogy scheduled to be released in November of 2015.

Trailer 1 for the film

The Games

Trial by Fire - this is a short online decision making game.  Read the scenario then make your choice on how you would react to each situation.  See if you could survive the Hunger Games!

Audio Books and Questions

In The Hunger Games, "challenge" is the big word!  So why not challenge yourself?  While reading the books, listen to these audio versions created and read by fans on YouTube chapter by chapter.  AND while you're doing that, why not try the to answer the questions for each chapter in the comprehension booklet?  

Certainly you're ready for a challenge!




The Music

Taylor Swift "Safe & Sound"  Here's the video from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games.
This one is simple, just download the listening activity and watch the video. (sorry for the advertisement, the video is only available through VEVO)

 Download the Listening Worksheet

 Or practice your listening skills on Lyrics training


 Coldplay "Atlas (Carry Your World) - From the second film in the series, this video is one of the most gorgeous videos every made. The lyrics play an integral part in the video, so watch, enjoy and sing.

Try the song on Lyrics Training!


Arcade Fire "Abraham's Daughter" - (Advanced) A simple song with a powerful theme. This song is played at the immediately at the end of the film and serves through metaphor, allegory and the retelling of the mythological story of Abraham in the Christian bible. 

The activity sheet is coming soon, but for now here's the video with lyrics and comment box for you to express your thoughts about the meaning of the song. 

Free Bookmarks

Free Catching Fire bookmarks.  Simply download the pdf and print double-sided on card-stock or photo paper.  (Makes 6 bookmarks on A4 paper but can be scaled to US letter size.