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Described as "weird fiction" the tales by H.P. Lovecraft weren't always appreciated in his time however their popularity has steadily increased over the decades and now enjoy recognition in both literary and cultish circles.

Lovecraft blends the supernatural with science fiction and horror, creating personae and worlds that are far beyond the understanding of mere mortals such as us and his main characters. Simply seeing what should not be seen would overwhelm our perception of reality and reasoning leaving us mad or worse, dead.

Explore the macabre world of Lovecraft in the selection of short stories below, and see if you can keep your sanity...

Learning with Lovecraft

Currently for Hallowe'en 2015, this page focuses on what are considered Lovecraft's best stories of horror.  If you've enjoyed any of these stories, check back after Hallowe'en to find more of Lovecraft's Weird fiction.

Who or what is Cthulhu?  This is the story that started life of Lovecraft's most famous beast.  But we never see it, nor does any character in the narrative, and that is precisely what makes Lovecraft's stories horrifying to us as mortal humans - the hints and shadows of creatures, demons and things unknown.

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The haunting story of a young man Jervas Dudley who dreams about sleeping in a tomb each night.  Is it a dream or is it reality?  Only his father who has been watching him knows...

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A church of the occult harboring a primal evil has stood quietly for years, until someone stumbles upon it's secret and releases the 'haunter of the dark".  Because the creature is constrained to darkness, the city lights keep the surrounding town safe, but will the electricity be reliable enough?

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One of two competing sculptors in ancient Greece dies and in fulfillment of his final wishes his friend plants the branches of an olive tree over his grave.  Pleasant enough, but the olive tree eerily begins to grow in the form of a human.
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In the old menacing village of Dunwich, a man is born with a genetic ailment that causes him to mature at an incredible rate.  Shunned by humans and animals alike Wilbur Whateley goes on a quest for the infamous Necronomicon, an ancient book of spells in Latin that will allow him to summon the "old ones" the ancient beings of the past.  Having found what he was looking for, mysterious things start happening in the Whateley's barn...
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Is murder of your best friend justifiable?  Listen to Daniel Upton's story of murdering his best friend, Edward Derby and you decide.

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A student of mathematics takes a room of strange geometric dimensions in the attic of a believed to be cursed "witch house".  After learning of the history of this house Walter begins to experience strange dreams of sacrifices and ratmen...  Where blurs the line between the real world and the dream world?

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Never Alone

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