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History Is All You Left Me

The Book

Let it in. Let it out. And Grow.

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera explores profound grief at a time in our lives where we are just learning to deal with our emotions.  For many this early period of life is already incredibly difficult without having to deal with the loss of a loved one. It is also a time that, no matter how old we are, we will always remember.  The anxiety, the insecurity, the uncertainty of ourselves, how others see us and what we will become.  Here we follow Griffin in his narrative of alternating between past and present, and his world unravels.  His history becomes ours as we filter our own experiences from our youths and mingle them with Griffin’s.  The pain is real.  As the reader and observer of this story, we constantly ask ourselves how we would, how we could cope if we were in Griffin’s place and what personal losses we have also experienced.

Why Study History Is All You Left Me?

History Is All You Left Me is uniquely presented in the first-person narrative alternating events between past and present. Alternating between the profoundly happy times and the profoundly sad times, effortlessly brings out an array of emotions in the reader. If you find yourself laughing, if you find yourself crying, don’t worry, let yourself experience these emotions. You may be applying Griffin’s experiences to things buried in your own History.

By allowing yourself to laugh, and by allowing yourself to cry, you relive, re-feel and deal with the things in your History, that may at this point be unexplored or underappreciated.  As Griffin pieces together his puzzle, you will find yourself doing the same. 

Let it in, let it out and grow. 

About the book

Published in 2017, Adam Sivera's first book More Happy Than Not quickly became a favorite in the LGBT community. History Is All You Left Me, being his second novel,  further cemented his reputation showing his ability to create realistic and empathetic characters. This book will leave you laughing and crying, never at the same time, but in such immediate succession it may feel like you're doing both together.

More information about Mr. Silvera and his novels can be found at the following link:Publicity for the book and a little about the author.

Comprehension/Companion Guide

This booklet is designed for lower intermediate (and higher) English students to help improve the level of English while reading the book and to obtain a deeper understanding of the novel through active and targeted reading.The Comprehension guide will help your understanding while you read the book.  After each chapter respond to the corresponding questions.  But don't worry, if you can't get a question the first time, just use the page given page numbers to find the answer back in the text. 

Click here to download complete booklet in PDF.

"Quote Hunt"

The novel is filled with many quotable moments, and you can enrich your reading by taking note of them.  In this activity, note down some of the quotes that represent some of the touching moments from the book.


Have fun Practicing the vocabulary from the book by playing games.  For even more games with this vocabulary, click here.


Learn some of the expressions and idioms from the book. For even more fun activities for these expressions click here.



“Puzzles are sort of like life because you can mess up and rebuild later, and you're likely smarter the next time around. - Page 264, History Is All You Left Me.

Theo was a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. He and Griffin spent a long time bonding over them and while imagining wonderful adventures and stories based on the pictures in the puzzles. 

Here are some online puzzles displaying some of the quotes from History Is All You Left Me that you can play.

 For more click below for more great puzzles!

Sketch Noting

This is a great activity to really highlight your creativity!

Sketch noting is a note-taking technique where you turn the verbal into visual.  Through doodles, drawings and words, you can create a visual representation of your thoughts or ideas.

Turn verbal into visual

You can sketch note just about anything after reading a book: the main events, the main ideas, your feelings, poignant quotes or themes from the book. There basically are no rules.  Click here for more about sketch noting... Click on the image to enlarge.

Ultimate Trivia Quiz

Theo and Griffin go to the Pop Culture Trivia Night at the Bonus Diner for the first official date as a couple.  In the spirit of trivia quizzes, here one you can take for the novel.  Good luck!  You might need it!


Message Board

Post your thoughts or messages to Theo, Griffin, Wade or Jackson here.  It could be your experience reading the book or a quote that you found special.

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Several songs are mentioned by name in the novel. The author made some very interesting choices based on the lyrics of each of these songs.  Here's a playlist of the songs mentioned in the novel.



Free printable bookmarks for you to use while you read History Is All You Left Me.  Simply print double-sided on heavy paper or card, and cut.