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Welcome Tributes to The Hunger Games English Challenge.




Welcome to the 1st annual English Challenge Hunger Games!  The reaping is complete, your name has been chosen, and you must obtain more than 750 points on your TOEIC test in your second year to survive.The following challenges have been developed as a training to help you on the day of your test. Each year the Challenges will have only TWO victors, one from the 1st year and one from the 2nd year. The victors will be awarded with a feast prepared by your mentor.

Now on with the games…


1)       Movie Ticket for a VO Film (in English of course)

2)      A picture of a street sign or tram stop in Strasbourg with an English name

3)      A poem written by you in English link here

4)      A completed Comprehension Question booklet for The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins 

5)      A practice TOEIC test with a score of 760 or more

6)      A picture of a monument in Strasbourg with a dedication or description in English (think of statues, dedications or inscriptions) in English. 

7)      A copy of your CV in English (in the correct format)

8)      One completed Reading Log 

9)      A copy of your favorite recipe in English

10)   A photo copy of the front page of a newspaper or magazine in English

11)     A summary of a published scientific paper in English and related to studies (Some sources.)

 Please prepare a dossier to include the results of each of the challenges on your list.  The dossier will be judged for completeness and points awarded for its contents.  In the case of any ties, an additional challenge will be offered.  Additional details concerning the above challenges can be found here.

The Multi-Média Center is available as your Training Center throughout the academic year, and as your mentor, please do not hesitate to contact me at gregg.salters@unistra.fr

Good luck and MAKE the odds ever in your favor!

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