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Welcome Mortals to the 2018 Hallowe'en page on EnglishCaddy.
This year we have a special appearance by H.P. Lovecraft, the author of stories many have classified as "weird fiction".

Turn off the lights and scroll down this page if you dare to enter the darkest reaches of your imagination through tales of horror and journeys of terror in our world of Hallowe'en!

The celebration of Hallowe'en has its roots in the 3000 year old tradition of the Celts.  The 31st of October is the day where the ancient Celts believed the barrier between the Natural and Supernatural worlds was at its thinnest.

Today the tradition lives!

 Celebrate Hallowe'en with an evil advent calendar!

Free stuff everyday from October 19th to Hallowe'en!



What better way to celebrate Hallowe'en than by reading Lovecraft. With beasts and monsters and demons and things so terrifying that we can barely imagine what they look like.

Here you will find a collection of short stories in audio and text versions, completely free and downloadable.

 It's not what you see that should scare you... you should be scared of what you don't see!

Danse Macabre (1874) - A tone poem (poème symphonique) composed by Camille Saint-Saëns from a poem by Henri Cazalis

Minuit sonne. Satan va conduire le bal. La Mort parait, accorde son violon, et la ronde commence, presque furtivement au début, s'anime, semble s'apaiser et repart avec une rage accrue qui ne cessera qu'au chant du coq. Le sabbat se dissout avec le lever du jour.


Ghosts, Goblins and Vampires!

HORROR FILMS!  EnglishCaddy Cinema has a collection of the scariest films!

 Do you want to know the history of Hallowe'en?

Hallowe'en Activities

A special British Council listening activity.

Hallowe'en Word Dig - find the words in the puzzle.  It starts out easy, but gets hard as you progress

Skeleton Cannon - not a language game but just fun!  How far can you shoot a skeleton? 

Halloween Hangman - Guess the word before you hang the skeleton!

Hallowe'en in the USA -  A listening comprehension exercise

Spooky Travel Destinations - A listening comprehension exercise about scary places to visit.

Spelloween - Practice your vocabulary and spelling with this haunting game!

Creepypasta @ Micropasta.com - Creepypastas are horror related legends that circulate around the interne, usually in the form of micro fiction; very short stories of horror and terror!

Chilling, to say the least!!!

Story Telling

In the long-standing Hallowe'en tradition of story telling, here's an easy way for you to create your very own spooky story that you can even share with your friends.

Using Rory's Story Cube sets: Enchanted, (enchanté), Fright (terreur), and/or Strange (énigme), roll the dice and use the images to weave your grotesque tale. 


You can find Rory's Story Cubes online.  If you don't have access to them, don't worry, just begin your story with the opening lines on the activity sheet, and let your imagination do the rest!

Lyrics Training

Learn the words to some songs on Lyrics Training!

Hallowe'en Sing Alongs!

Here is a collection of lyric videos of Hallowe'en music that you can sing along with!

The Twilight Zone (2002)

39 Episodes of the 2002 television series; The Twilight Zone!

Top Ten Horror Series on ORORO.TV

A Top Ten List of the Scariest Television Series on Ororo.tv

You'll need to create a free account on Ororo to watch these subtitled thrillers!

10.  Slasher - A brand new Canadian-American anthology drama series.
9.   Penny Dreadful - Fighting the supernatural threats that have been unleashed in London.
8.   The Strain - A thriller of a doctor for the CDC trying to fight a "vampire" virus.
7.   The X-Files - Classic investigations of paranormal activity and unexplained happenings.
6.   Dexter - Can a serial killer be justified?
5.   The Walking Dead - Gives you second thoughts about wanting to survive a zombie apocalypse.
4.   Stranger Things - A new series playing with the 80's horror genre!
3.   Supernatural - The saga of 2 demon-hunting brothers fighting monsters of every kind!
2.   Black Mirror - what are the side effects of our addiction to technology?
1.   American Horror Story - An anthology series presenting different horror themes!

Texas Roadside Massacre

This year's featured horror film!

 (2015) Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the remote mountain town of Blueridge, where Karen (Marina Resa) believes her older sister went missing 2 years before. After a few odd encounters with the locals, Karen and her friends decide to continue their journey until an unexpected auto malfunction leaves them stranded. The group takes refuge in a local motel and soon learns that in Blueridge, "missing persons" is just a way of life. One-by-one they begin disappearing until the grizzly discovery is made that the local BBQ Rib Restaurant might be serving up more than anyone had bargained.

 For more movies visit EnglishCaddy's Thriller Film Festival!

or the horror film section in Feature Films.

Of course we have zombies!

Click here to find tons of Zombie-related activities to help you improve your English, and perhaps stay alive!

The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem here read by Christopher Walken.  Turn off the lights, turn up the volume and listen!  Download the full text in English and French here.


Tales of Mystery and Terror on EnglishCaddy

 Literary Works:

Audio Dramas:


This Year's Exclusive Book of Horror

 A Collection of short ghost stories by Ambrose Bierce!

Download your copy in PDF here!

Download Audio!

Download ePub for eReaders!

Editor's Choice for 2018

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

For reasons that I have attempted to understand for many years without success, is the fascination I've held with this story since boyhood. Is is the image of the great and mighty house with a portending fracture running from foundations to rafters?  Is it the accidental early entombment of his disturbed sister and the horrific guilt this has wrought upon her brother? Is it the perspective the reader takes through Poe's use of a naive external observer of the bizarre madness unfolding with in the walls of the house of Usher?  I can never be certain, but for these images, the poetry of the words and more I am drawn to this story again and again perhaps in an attempt to relive the experience that sparked the dark imagination of a young boy...  Here it is for you, for your imagination, for your innocence, for your terror, for your Hallowe'en...


 Download a PDF Version here.

Download ePub version here.


Here is an interesting dramatic (albeit abridged) reading of the story. With talented voice actors and special effects combined to contribute to the overall experience of theater for the mind.  I recommend lighting some candles, turning off the lights and snuggling up on the couch alone or with someone while you listen to this.  Oh ya, and a good glass of wine would nicely complement the mood - Amontillado if you have it!



Hallowe'en History Listening Comprehension

Learn about the history of Hallowe'en and improve your listening skills!

What surprises await you in the arcade of the scariest games on the Internet?

Never Alone

Remember you are never alone!  Click on this page for some motivational songs and stories!

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