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The success of last year's Hunger Games English Challenge was overwhelming, literally hundreds of students participated from around the world.  So to continue, EnglishCaddy is proud to announce this year's English Challenge featuring George R.R. Martin's saga: A Song of Ice and Fire!  (A.K.A. A Game of Thrones)

On this page you will find exercises, activities and games designed to help you improve your English and have fun doing so.  This page is a hodge podge of things to do either created by me or found elsewhere on the net.

Martin's world is a big world is big and vast!  There is plenty to explore in the land of the seven kingdoms, and long time until season 5 (April 2014), so grab a book, mount your dragon and let's go to Westeros!

Scroll down and enjoy!

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Here are some things you can do while waiting for the challenge to begin!

  • BINGO - Here's a fun game you can play while you watch the TV series.  Simply print out this PDF file and follow the instructions. Check it out now!

  • Making Game of Thrones - from book to series follow the official Twitter, YouTube and Facebook posts of the crew as they create the television series.
  • Join the Realm - Create your own sigil and words in the style of the great houses of Westeros. What would your logo be?  


  • Game of Thrones Ascent - An online role playing game also available on Facebook. Build your noble house, embark on quests and rise in power in the RPG based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and George R.R. Martin’s novels A Song of Ice and Fire!
  • Create your own world - this will be part of a bigger writing project. Explore your imagination! Create and entire land or world. Then add cities, cultures, histories, legends, religions etc. Begin with a pencil and paper or try AutoRealm, a free open source map creator that will allow you to design your land just like Tolkien or Marin!

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Do you know the lyrics to "The Rains of Castamere"?  Test your   listening skills with Lyrics Training!  A fun new way to practice your English.

Easy Bookmark Project

Use these templates to make classy Game of Thrones bookmarks for your A Song of Ice and Fire book series, or make them as gifts for your friends!

For more information and to download the templates, visit the blog entry

Or click on the image...


Complete and total immersion!  Reading the books from A Song of Ice and Fire will improve your language more than a trip to New York or London!

To help you with obtain a deeper understanding of the story and increase your comprehension of the English language, try this ultimate comprehension question study companion for the first book A Game of Thrones.  Chapter-by-chapter questions for you to answer as you read the book.  Or if you're a big fan, see how many of the questions you can answer!

Download the comprehension question booklet here.              Purchase A Game of Thrones here.

Puzzle Book

 A collection of 10 puzzles based on A Song of Ice and Fire.  Do you have the knowledge of a Maester?

Download the PDF here.


Click on the maps to see larger versions.



A War of Conquest - A Game for Gamers

How would you conquer Westeros?
Design your battle plans and then see if you can sit on the Iron Throne!



Learn your history of the great houses of Westeros.

A playlist of 6 short documentaries illustrating the origins of some of the more prominent houses: House Stark, House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Arryn and the Night's Watch.





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