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Welcome padawan to the Force Challenge!

Force Challenge

EnglishCaddy welcomes you to the 5th annual English Challenge!
If you haven't already guessed the theme this year is STAR WARS

The EnglishCaddy Yearly Challenges are a fun way to expand and improve your English using multi-media theme based immersive activities that earn you points and prizes.  

To enter, just complete the first task (Create your Force name) and send it to englishchallenge@hotmail.com.  Then, complete the other tasks whenever you like in any order to earn your points. For validation and points you may send them to me at the email address above, or hand them to me in class.  The Force Challenge runs from September 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

*If you're a student of mine, all of the below activities and tasks count toward your semester independent work requirements.

Here is a quick list of tasks and points for the Force Challenge. 
Good luck and may the Force be with you.

  1. Force Name - 50 points (Create your Force name and enter the Force Challenge.)
  2. Film novelization - Revisit the films in book form and discover a lot more about them.
    1. 650 points (Read The Force Awakens and complete the comprehension guide!)
    2. 1000 points New (Read Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and complete the comp guide!)
  3. Training Manual for the Force Sensitive - 500 points (Complete all the mind puzzles.)
  4. Sci-Fi Tech - 300 points (Investigate modern technologies that began as fiction.)
  5. Reading Log/Video Log - 250 points (Complete the 10-page Video/Reading Log. how-to
  6. Sci-fi Space Adventure - 75 points each (Be the author of your own Sci-fi story.)
  7. Learn Aurebesh - 400 points (Learn the language of Star Wars.)
  8. Vocabulary of the Basic tongue - 100 points (Practice your vocabulary for English/Basic)
  9. Movie Guide/Review - 150 points (Write a movie review or guide about the listed films.) list
  10. Correct Yoda - 75 points (Check Master Yoda's grammar use.)
  11. Hero's Journey - 300 points (Understand the Hero's Journey and complete the worksheet.)
  12. Strasbourg Planetarium - 50 points (Visit the Strasbourg Planetarium for fun and points.)
  13. Challenge Notebook - 75 points (Assemble all of your activities in a dedicated notebook.)
  14. Tour de Force - 250 points (Complete at least one of each activity in the Challenge.)
  15. Rogue One - 1000 possible points! (New activities for the film Rogue One Film / Training)
  16. Carrie Fisher - 100 points (New Compose a biography of the beloved actress who created Leia)

Download this list in pdf.


I. Create your Force Name

Your Force Challenge begins here!

To enter the challenge, you must first create a pseudonym for which you'll be known in the Challenge.  With your new identity, you will be able to track your progress, points and position on the tracking sheet.  Remember to include your new Force name on all of your work and activities.

→Simply click on one of the name generators, choose a name that you like and send it in an email to englishchallenge@hotmail.com with the following information:

  • Force Challenge name        ex. Jules Tyimcha
  • Your real name                   ex. John Dupont
  • University/department        ex. UdS Biology
  • Your year of studies            ex. 1st Year

 →Or, you can fill out the simple Google form here.

List of name generators:

Name Generator 1Name Generator 2 ♦ Name Generator 3
Jedi Name GeneratorSith Name Generator


II a. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novelization

Read the book, Star Wars: The Force Awakens A Junior Novel and complete the companion Comprehension Question Booklet for 650 points.

Available at the CRL, or click on the image to order copy.

Comprehension guide for Star Wars: The Force Awakens A Junior Novel.  Complete these questions while reading the book for a deeper understanding of English and the events in the 7th installment of the saga!

 Click here to Download in PDF.

II b. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Novelization

Read the book of the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed and complete the companion comprehension guide for 1000 points.

Available at the CRL or click on the image to order a copy

Comprehension Question booklet for the novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Revisit your favorite characters of the film and learn more about them while improving your vocabulary and comprehension of English.

Click to download this guide in PDF


III. Training Manual for the Force Sensitive

 Download the complete booklet in PDF here.

Complete all of the mind sharpening puzzles in this Training Manual for the Force Sensitive for 500 points.

Each puzzle is designed to help focus your thoughts, develop your concentration and rationalization, to be better receptive to the Force and help you react in the most stressful of situations.

Your first step to mastering your Force abilities.


IV. Sci-Fi Technology

There's no doubt Sci-Fi has sparked the imagination of inventors, consumers and researchers everywhere.  For 300 points investigate and report on the real-life use of technology and gadgets first introduced in Sci-Fi.  Technology from Art!


Click here for downloadable pdf.


V. Video/Reading Log

Simply complete a10-page Video & Reading Log booklet for 250 points each.  You'll find complete instructions on the first page.

Download a printable version of the booklet in pdf here. Or you can download fillable pdf pages here: Reading Log single page, Video Log single page.

 For more information and resources visit the Reading Log page or ECTV on EnglishCaddy.


VI. Create Your Own Space Adventure

Compose your very own epic Sci-fi space adventure (75 points for each story)

2 options:

Use a standard original set of Rory's Story Cubes plus the Intergalactic expansion set. (Available in the CRL's).  (or)

Download the Story Dice App by Zuidsoft (Google Play) (iTunes) Use 6 dice from the General set and 3 dice from the Star Wars set. Download the worksheet on the left for more information or click here for the "how to" sheet.

This is a fun and highly addictive creative writing game that will help you improve and hone your English language skills.

Create your own universe, then make your own story!

Download the PDF file here.


VII. Learn Aurebesh

You've seen it in the films.  Aurebesh is the language of the Star Wars universe and for 400 points you can learn it with this primer.  Simply complete the primer and turn it in for your points.

 Click here to download the Aurebesh primmer in PDF format.


VIII.  Vocabulary Data Entry Logs

95 Popular Words found on the TOEIC


100 Popular Phrasal Verbs found on the TOEIC


There are millions of languages in the galaxy, and Basic (the common tongue in the Star Wars saga) very closely resembles English.  For this task you are to complete the sheets for 100 points each.  Knowing as many of these words as you can is important for any future trial or test.


IX. Movie Guide/Review

Write a movie guide containing a 50 word lexicon, an overall review of the movie, your recommendation and a discussion about an event or situation in the film that can be viewed as a metaphor/allegory to the human condition.  150 points for each movie guide
Click here for tips on how to write a really good movie guide.

 Click here to get a printable pdf of this list.
                                *based on an original novel

Be careful on the links above, the streaming site contains many pop-ups and advertising.  NEVER enter your credit card information!  I recommend that you install Adblock to stop all advertising.  You can find ithere: https://adblockplus.org/fr/  


X. Correct Yoda?

Known throughout his galaxy as one of the greatest Jedi masters, Yoda has become a cultural icon in our Milky Way galaxy as well.  While there is no denying his wisdom and astuteness, his grammar doesn't exactly fit with modern English conventions.  Therefore, for this assignment you will receive 75 points for correctly rewriting each of these famous quotations of the great Jedi master, Yoda.

Download the activity in pdf.


XI. A Hero's Journey

What do Hercules, Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker and you all have in common? Learn about Joseph Campbell's theory about the mono-myth and its application by George Lucas in the creation of Star Wars.  Earn 300 points for completing the attached worksheet. Earn 75 bonus points for each extra film or story.

 TED Ed video explaining heroes and the hero's journey. Test your understanding with this quiz.

The Hero's Journey is Your Journey

The Hero's Journey is a journey we take everyday of our lives. Discover why story makers use this formula and how it can help our own personal growth.

Helpful Links:

For more information about Luke's hero's journey go to Shmoop.   


XII. Explore Space (50 points)

This one is easy and fun!  Just visit the Strasbourg Planetarium in the Science Garden at the University of Strasbourg for the show of your life.  Bring the ticket to me to earn 50 points toward the challenge.

Planétarium de Strasbourg
13 rue de l'Observatoire
Jardin des Sciences de l'Université de Strasbourg
67000 Strasbourg
03 68 85 24 50

Click here for more information


XIII. Force Challenge Notebook

Assemble all of your Force Challenge activities into a dedicated and decorated notebook to receive 75 points.  An additional 25 points will be awarded for creativity.


XIV. Tour de Force

Receive an extra 250 points for completing at least 1 item from each of the activities and tasks in the challenge!


XV. Rogue One Activities (new)


The new film is out!  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit theaters December 14th, and with the release of the film more activities and opportunities for more points in the challenge!

XV.A: The Film

Present your ticket for the movie in VO for an easy 50 points!


For 200 points, write about your 5 favorite things and your 5 least favorite things about the film: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

For 300 points write an essay about 1 familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the film: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


XV.B Field Operative Training Manual: Rogue One Covert Forces

The Force may be with you, but you still need to sharpen your other cognitive skills if you wish to join the Rebel Alliance forces.  For 450 points complete the enigmas and puzzles in this manual. This is a hard one!

Download the PDF here by clicking here.

This document is designed to print in booklet format on A4 or US Letter paper.  When printing, select "booklet mode" (livret) and let your printer do the rest.  Don't worry, you can still print it on single sheets if you prefer the large format.


XVI. Tribute to Carrie Fisher, our princess 1956 - 2016 (new)

As with so many beloved celebrities in 2016, Carrie Fisher became one with the Force on December 27th. For us, her fans, Carrie was Princess Leia, and the difference between the actress and the character was difficult to see.  However in real life, she had many accomplishments, mother, best-selling author, activist, philanthropist, scenarist and fought against personal battles such as depression, bipolar disorder and addiction. In tribute to the late actress, this activity for 100 points has been created to celebrate her life. Get to know more about our princess, by writing a biography in tribute to the actress.


Scores and Rankings of Force sensitive individuals

Check here frequently to view your progress and that of your competitors.

Click here to go to the full Google doc. 



Not part of the challenge, but the music composed by the legendary John Williams is what gave the saga its soul, its life, its individuality. Press "play" on the video to hear the trailer score.

What do you think about the music?

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