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Events & Activities
Here on this page you will find a listing of events and activities centered around English language learning, culture and student initiatives.

sKy Field @ Delirium

On the14th of October 2017 at 8pm (20h) a new rock group will hit the stage in Strasbourg, sKy Field! Join them this Saturday at Delirium 5, quai de Paris!

 Here's a preview!


Oxfam Trailwalkers

This May, your fellow students will be participating in a 100km event to raise money for Oxfam! 

Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations working in approximately 90 countries worldwide to find solutions to poverty and what it considers as injustice around the world to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives.

Your donations can help. Simply follow the link below to find out how to donate.   Every little bit helps! 

If you are donating from outside of France, the page can be changed to English in the upper right-hand corner. Thanks a million!

A l'eau la Terre?

To coincide with World Water Day, the students of the ENGEES (Engineeiring School of Water and Enviroment) have created a public event like no other.  Taking place simultaneously in locations all over Alsace, the students have scheduled lectures, exhibits, public school interventions, seminars, a film festival, variety shows all to help the public awareness of the current state of water on our planet.  A definite must see event, subscribe to one event or all!



Below are a list of past events publicized on EnglishCaddy.  Even though the events have passed, the links to the sites remain relevant.  And who knows, they may happen again...

World Toilet Day November 19th

Because of my work with the students and faculty of the ENGEES, a school for environmental engineers, I've become increasingly aware of environmental issues concerning waste water management and access to clean drinking water.  Toilets are something we take for granted but there are billions of people in this world who lack access to sanitary facilities causing major health risks to themselves and the world abroad.

The WTO (World Toilet Organization) has declared November 19th as World Toilet Day to help spread awareness of proper sanitation.

Visit the site today to see how you can help.

Everybody Writes Day

Thurdsay, October 21, 2010 is Everybody Writes Day

Celebrated in schools in the U.K., everybody writes day is becoming a national event where students, teachers, administration and staff participate in a day-long celebration of writing. 

This will be adapted for you and celebrated for the first time in France!  EngishCaddy will be planning special activities and events centered around the art, contribution, necessity and privilege of writing.

Check back soon or follow EnglishCaddy on Twitter or Facebook for more information and details on upcoming events for Everybody Writes Day.



Thriller Film Festival

 The First Annual EnglishCaddy Film Festival

September 1st to October 31st 2008


Coming to a computer near you...



For more info click here.


Fin de la Festival Haunted Hallowe'en Party!

Special Pre-Hallowe'en Film and Pizza Party for all EnglishCaddy members.October 31st19h à l'Irish Times 19 rue Ste. Barbe.

Hallowe’en, une fête Celte quand les esprits de la mort visitent de nouveau leur demeure terrestre le soir du 31 octobre. Pour les Celtes, l'Hallowe’en était le dernier soir de l'année et il était considéré comme un temps propice pour examiner les présages de l'avenir. Les morts quittent leurs tombeaux pour chercher posséder les corps vivants. Donc il faut se protéger Les gens se réunissaient jusqu'à minuit, heure où les morts devraient réintégrer leur tombeau pour y demeurer jusqu'à l'année suivante. Les gens se déguisent en esprit de la mort et les trompent pour éviter d’être possédé par eux.

Protégez-vous ! Venez à l’Irish pour une fête Celtique que vous n’avez jamais vue !
More about Hallowe'en