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Welcome to the EnglishCaddy page for the students of the EOST second and third year.

This page serves a place where you can find information concerning your English class.  If you have any questions, please contact your teacher as listed on your syllabus.

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Information about your TOEIC test will be posted as it becomes available

EOST 2 Stage Intensif

Stage Intensif Sept. 3 - 6 Institut Le Bel


 Hamlet from last year.

Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2 by the Royal EOST Players

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

EOST 2A Semestre d'Automne

EOST 2A Semestre de Printemps

EOST 3A Semestre d'Automne

Mondays 8-10 CRL ILB

Presentation Subjects:  Please choose your final presentation subject. When you have your subject chosen, work on creating your problématique (thesis statement) and enter it in the online spread sheet by the due date.(See the syllabus for more information) Click here to enter your project subject and thesis statement.

To upload documents, including your bibliography click here. For the sharepoint folder.  If you have several documents, you may create a subfolder with your name. If you are experiencing problems uploading email me directly.

Group A, Group B



Never Alone

Remember you are never alone!  Click on this page for some motivational songs and stories!

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