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Environment Lectures and Courses


 Global Water Use
 Stanford University

 Hydrology and Global Change
 American Meteorological Society

Where the Water Flows

Stanford University (1hour)

Dr. Alexander J.B. (Sasha) Zehnder examines global water use, the challenges faced with water, food security and the future challenges in providing adequate water supply to the entire world.


Hydrology in an Era of Global Change

American Meteorological Society (60mns)

In this lecture, Dennis Lettenmaier, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, traces the history of how hydrologists and meteorologists have helped us to understand the water cycle. As hydrology moves from a qualitative to quantitative science, some are concerned about whether we will be able to answer questions essential to our nation and our world in this era of global change. Lettenmaier uses a projection of the water resources at the Colorado River Basin as a key example of this concern.

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