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Welcome to EnglishCaddy TV.

You may have noticed that this page may have changed since your last visit.  That is because keeping up-to-date with the multitude of new TV series and copyright issues is an insurmountable task. Therefore we will defer to other sites where you can watch quality TV in English.

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The best collection and functionality of TV shows for English Learners

All the most recent series subtitled in English.

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Desperate House Wives, How I Boinked Your Mother, House, The Simpsons, Cosmos, Breaking Bad,
South Park
, House of Cards, In the Flesh, The Mentalist, Queer as Folk, Boardwalk Empire and so many more!

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How to use a TV show to improve your English:

1) Only use English subtitles or NO subtitles.
2) Listen carefully and minimize distractions.
3) Do not hesitate to rewind and replay parts that you don't understand.
4) Take notes and make a list of vocabulary and expressions.

To further improve your English try the following activities:

1) Write an episode summary: Use the following model to write a brief episode summary.

2) Try a character profile activity: Choose your level based on your experience with English.

 Mid-Level Viewer
Seasoned Couch Potato

Video Channels

Informative channels of short videos to help you improve your English.  These channels are designed to bring you the latest news and information on the web today.  They are also designed to provide source material that you can use with your English Video Log

  • Arts & Literature - Current videos and playlists talking about what's new in the arts
  • Documentaries - The latest documentaries from around the web.
  • English - Videos created for English learners, from grammar to comprehension
  • News - All the latest information of what's happening around the world.
  • Science - Informative and explanatory videos from the world of science
  • Sports - Stay current with what's happening in the sports world
  • Voice of America - Diverse news videos designed for learners of the English language
  • Web Series - Modern T.V. series created and published for the internet

For more information on how to profit from watching English videos, please visit the Video Log page.  It's full of tips and tricks, and resources for you English dossier.

Keep A Log of What You've Watched

You may be required to keep track of the activities you've done in English, or you may want to do it for yourself.  Here are a single Log Entry Page, and a Log Booklet, that you can use to summarize TV shows or Movies, keep track of vocabulary, and practice your writing skills.

Download a single fillable log page.

Download a one-page printable PDF




Hundreds of full-length quality documentaries from around the web. Just click on the gold D.

FilmOn provides live streaming television from countries around the world.  Easy to surf and zap until you find a TV show right for you!

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