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It is the policy of EnglishCaddy to promote interactiveness through participation, open discussion and self expression of all its members.  To that end several methods are provided to achieve a sense of community on EnglishCaddy.  Remember all areas of EC are open to user comments and ratings, never hesitate to speak your mind!



EnglishCaddy's social media page.  List of members of EnglishCaddy.org  Find friends from your class, school, town, city, country, or continent!

  • Find others in the EnglishCaddy community
  • Create a profile, or update it
  • Access your videos, pictures and posts

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Forums are the heart of any website community. In the EnglishCaddy Forum, you'll be able to:

  •  Quickly find the answers to questions about English
  • Promote yourself
  • Engage in general discussion on a wide variety of topics
  • Practice your comprehension of English
  • Master your use of written English
  • Create and/or participate in open debates, and much more!

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What's the use of learning a language without being able to use it?

#EnglishCaddy, is a massive IRC chat room powered by Mibbit.  Connect with your fellow students, other English language learners, or people from around the world.  The discussion is open to any topic as long as all conversations are conducted in English.  Visit the chat today.

NB.No registration necessary, however it is advised to register your user name with IRC (instructions in the FAQ section of EnglishCaddy.

Member Videos

Share, share, share! Have you found a video on YouTube or Dailymotion that you think is great?  Share it with the rest of EnglishCaddy, they might enjoy it too! Click here to visit the member video section.

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Pictures and Art work

A picture is worth 1000 words. Here is a place for you to share pictures.  Have you found a funny sign poorly written in English, have you drawn and scanned a picture that you would like to share.  Manage and create photo albums and share it with the EC Community. click here to see the member photo gallery.

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EnglishCaddy Wiki


Also known as EnglishCaddy's museum, these wiki pages are the host to the collective knowledge of the users of EnglishCaddy.  Currently over 50 pages this wiki contains informational articles produced my students present and past.  Would you like to publish an article on EnglishCaddy Wiki?  Click here to visit the Wiki.

NB.  The viewing of the wiki pages is open to everybody.  If you would like to create your own page you must be a member to do so. To become a member click here.

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