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You don't have long until the....


Doomsday is defined as: a time of catastrophic destruction and death.  Syn. Apocalypse, Armageddon.

Since the begining of recorded history, people (for many reasons) have predicted the end of the world, but have obviously failed.  Many times these predictions have led to danger to the people who believed them.  Recently in March 2011 a woman tried to kill her children and herself to avoid the "christian tribulation" as predicted by Harold Camping a christian radio broadcaster in California! (read article here)

Here is an interesting chronicle of the top 12 failed predictions of the end of life as we know it.

So what of December 21st?  Are Nostradamus, the bible and the Mayan calendar viable sources? Is there any scientific evidence to support ancient texts?  What are your thoughts?


2012 - Countdown to Armageddon

Some on-line activities

Here are some fun on-line comprehension and grammar activities.

  •  Jeopardy! - Play this classic on-line game.  How well do you know your verb tenses?(Upper)

  •  Listening- a quick vocabulary lesson talking about the weather.  Match the picture with the spoken phrase. (Easy)

News Can Help Predict the Future

In this advanced lesson you will read and listen to an article on scientists might be able to predict the future by using news sources.

1 Click here for the audio
 2  Insert the Words while Listeining.

 Now try some exercises based on the vocabulary from the report.

Click here for a PDF of the article with other activities.

Something to think about...

Here's an interesting activity created by ESLDogWho would you save to recolonize earth after the apocalypse?
You can always print the exercise and when you're finished, bring it to your English professor to review.

The Doomsday Machine 1972

And what would cheesy end-of-the-world theories be without a cheesy end-of-the-world movie????

Here is just that...  A low-budget cult SciFi cheesy classic."The Chinese have developed a doomsday device and the U.S. fears they will use it. A manned mission to Venus is stepped up. At the last minute three of the male crew are replaced with three female crew members. Once they are on there way to Venus the reason becomes apparent."

 Download the Film
  Read More about this film

What are two things you would do?

What are 2 things you would do, if you knew the world would end in 3 weeks?
Post your thoughts and comments below.