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CV & Résumé Help

Steps for Creating Your C.V.

Writing your C.V. should be a slow step by step process, and not something you rush through in an hour or two.

Here's how you should proceed:

  1. Read the documentation above to understand the "philosophy" or writing a C.V. in English. (you must answer the question: "What did I do?")
  2. Download one or both of the verb lists or google "action verbs for C.V.'s or resumés.
  3. Begin to create your C.V.using SlashCV.  (see below)
  4. Once you have finished, print a copy and bring it to a native English speaker to review.
  5. Get the job!

C.V. Creator

SlashCV is an online C.V. and resumé creator that is completely free.  It is still currently in beta testing, but it well help guide you step by step through the process of creating a great C.V. 

Do not begin with SlashCV  Instead you must read the documentation and follow the instructions listed above, then begin  with SlashCV.com


Sample CV's

These are samples of CV's.  Many can be found on the web, but a good source is on Monster.com

Sample Résumés

(coming soon)

Sample Cover Letters

Cover letters can be as unique as the individuals sending them. Remember to cover these points:

  1. Purpose of your letter
  2. Your specific skills or attributes that would be useful for the position
  3. Mention your knowledge of the company. (How do you know about the company, who do you know about the company etc.
  4. Your keen interest in working for the company.
  • Sample Cover Letter

Sample CL Science

More cover letters can be found on the internet.  A good current source for cover letters is Monster.com

Job Descriptions

Find your video job description below. Click on "play" then scan the videos to find your job description