There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson


Television and Movies

Watching TV and movies in English, is a great way to pass time and to improve your listening comprehension.

Here is a resource where you can find good quality television and cinema.  (Adblock is highly suggested) go to gomovies.bid.

Suggestions for your dossier:


Books are a great way to pass the time and travel to far off places without ever leaving your living room!

If you have an e-reader (Kindle or Kobo), you can find e-books at the

You can also read books on your phone or tablet.  You just need an e-reader app installed.  You can find Aldiko for free in your app store. 

Suggestions for your dossier:

  • To Do With Books (a list of activities that you can do for your dossier after you've finished reading

You can also purchase discounted English books with no delivery fee at The Book Depository


You probably listen to a lot of music in English.  Why not practice your listening comprehension while listening to your favorite songs.

LyricsTraining - A very popular activity where you listen to your favorite song and try to complete the lyrics.  Create an account, so that you can track your progress and challenge your friends!

Suggestion for your dossier:

  • Create a list of the songs you've listened to, your best scores and list of vocabulary.

Wash Your Lyrics - This site was created to spread awareness about the proper way to wash your hands or apply hand gel.  Just put in your favorite song!

Suggestion for your dossier:

  • Print your resulting images and add them to your dossier.

Art and Museums

Many of the world's famous museums provide virtual tours of their collections.  You can visit these museums from the comfort of your couch!

Here is a list of some of the museums that offer virtual tours

These are just some of the world's museums that offer virtual tours. Many others allow you to browse their collections.  If you want to see a museum not listed, just Google the name of your favorite and check out their collections.

Suggestions for your dossier:

  • In a paragraph or two, describe one of the works of art that catches your eye.
  • Research the history of a work of art
  • Talk about the museum and what you would like to see in person

Video Games

Interactive Fiction page on EnglishCaddy.  20 Classic Interactive Fiction games for you to explore. Long before Nintendo, video games were text only!  Now called "Interactive Fiction" you can play these games to help improve your English comprehension and problem solving skills.

A vous de jouer!!

Suggestions for your dossier:

Review your Favorite Video Game - complete the linked document to create your video game review.

Vocabulary and Language Training

Quizlet.com is an excellent site for you to practice your English vocabulary. Create your own lists, or use existing lists to play games and master English.

Suggestions for your dossier:

  • Print your lists and put them in your dossier

Duolingo.com an online English app to help you with vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension.  You can join one of my classrooms based on your level.
Suggestions for your dossier:
  • Join one of my classrooms based on your level.


Once upon a time...

Here is a collection of creative writing ideas.

Suggestions for your dossier:
  • Place any of your finished written productions in your English dossier!

News and Current Events

Reading and Viewing Logs

You can continue your Reading & Viewing Log entries using the fillable PDF document

Just download the documents here.  Reading Log EntryViewing Log Entry

  • If you are looking for ideas for your Reading Logs, click here.
  • If you are looking for ideas for your Viewing Logs, click here.

Suggestions for your dossier:

  • Download and fill out the log entry forms.  Print and place in your dossier, or submit to your teacher if instructed.

Forum Activities

Keep in touch!  Here, I've created some online groups where you can express yourself, keep informed and have a little fun.

  • Reddit - A subreddit forum for EnglishCaddy.  Here you can post whatever you want without censorship.  Memes, jokes, experiences, and questions.  Go to reddit.com/r/EnglishCaddy
  • Goodreads - If you're a reader, or are looking for things to read, then Goodreads is the site for you. I've created a group there, where  you can share and talk about the books your are reading or would like to read. To join the group click here!