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Here you will find links to other sites that will help you improve your English as well as direct you to other sites used by EnglishCaddy.

  • EnglishCaddy is not just a website. EnglishCaddy explores all other English learning mediums on the internet and is itself a member of the most popular websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Veho etc. For additional materials or to stay connected to EnglishCaddy, try some of the following links.

  • Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more... The social media sites are definitely the trend!

  • Language cafés, exchanges and other interactive events to help you improve your English and meet new people.

  • A collection of literary and bookish websites designed to help you expand your knowledge of the books you read.

  • eBooks


    eBooks are taking many forms, and available for many devices; iPads, iPods, eReaders, Android devices, tablets, and of course, your computer. This is a collection of links that offer free eBooks in multiple formats.

  • Learn English while watching TV. Here you'll find a list of links of websites that offer a method to improve your English using TV and movies.

  • Resources, sites and events that will help you with your English.

  • Links that will help you with your studies at school. Not just English.

  • This is about you! Do you have anything you're proud of? Showcase it here!

  • Divertissement! Have some fun!

  • Some interesting activities to be used in the classroom

  • A collection of interesting sites for fans of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" and HBO's "A Game of Thrones"

  • If you're a fan of Star Wars, here's a collection of activities designed for Force sensitive English Learners.

  • A collection of links about the book and movie.

  • Are you a Zombie fan? Here are some fun activities based on Zombies!

  • Some sites with listings for internships in English speaking countries

  • Quelques resources pour apprendre le franÃ???Ã??Ã?§ais.

  • Sister sites planned to work in conjunction with the EnglishCaddy.org

  • The start of EnglishCaddy. A free Yahoo! group. Still operational with a large membership. No longer updated.

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