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Frequently asked questions from visitors and users.  If you would like to ask a question please visit our contact page.

About EnglishCaddy

  1. Who is EnglishCaddy?

    Who do you think? :wink:

  2. What is EnglishCaddy?

    EnglishCaddy had its humble beginnings as a Yahoo! Group designed to collect and consolidate English learning resources for the students of English at the University Louis Pasteur (now known as the University of Strasbourg).  Since EnglishCaddy has developed its own internet site and continues to provide English learners with the resources for goal oriented language acquisition through the use of films, literature, exercises, interactive lessons, audio and more, as well provide a center for optimal student/teacher communication and interaction.

    The summer of 2010 saw a complete overhaul of the main site (EnglishCaddy.org) not only did the site receive a new look, many new features, models, exercises were added and the user interface was modernized to be even more user friendly. Summer 2010 also the creation of 2 sister sites (@EnglishCaddy & EnglishCaddy Wiki) designed to work in collaboration with EnglishCaddy.org and interactive communication among language teachers around the world.

    EnglishCaddy will continue to expand and redefine itself with new ventures on the horizon, including the publication of Métaphore, a literary and scientific review magazine available in print versions in France and globally available via the internet highlighting the works and research done by students.

    Where will EnglishCaddy go next?  This is where your feedback is important.  All throughout EnglishCaddy and you will find places to leave comments, rate, and share.  EnglishCaddy began as and will remain a user driven site, never hesitate to express your mind!

  3. Where is EnglishCaddy?

    EnglishCaddy is available to anyone around the world, but it’s heart is in Strasbourg, France.


  4. Why the tagline "There is no Frigate like a book?"

    That question is asked a lot, searches on that phrase result in the largest amount of hits.  The reasons are fully explained here in an EC blog entry.

  5. Why the name "EnglishCaddy?"

    From golf of course.  When a golfer plays a new golf course, he brings a caddy along with him to help with the lay of the course.  While the caddy assits with the knowledge of the course, advice as well as provide what is necessary to play the game it's the golfer who plays the game.

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Visitor Questions

  1. Is EnglishCaddy free?

    Yes, access to EnglishCaddy is 100% free for all users.

  2. Why are some pages locked?

    Restricted pages contain information particular to actual classes.  Only students in those classes require access to these pages.

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English Reading Log

  1. How does the English Reading Log Work?

    The English Reading Log is designed for the use of independent learners of English to help them "harvest" vocabulary and increase comprehension of the English language.

  2. What kind of materials can I use with my English Reading Log?

    Pretty much any written text you can find...

    Some possible suggestions:

    Magazine articles, short stories, scientific publications, novels, blog entries, newspaper articles…

    All this and more can be found in the EnglishCaddy online library.

  3. How do I select the 5 key words in my text?

    The 5 keywords that you choose in your entry may be vocabulary words that:

    1. don’t yet know, or 
    2. the important words that support the text.

    Therefore, if you read a text in which you are familiar with all the vocabulary, choose the words that are important to that article.

  4. What should I include in my summary of the text?

    The summary should be a retelling of the text in your own words.  Try to include the major points of the text while being as concise and direct as possible.

  5. Where can I get additional copies of the English Reading Log?

    Additional copies are available for free on EnglishCaddy at: http://www.englishcaddy.org/apps/documents/

    You can print the entire log on A3 paper, or individual pages on A4.

  6. I'm an English teacher, can I distribute the reading log to my students?

    Of course!  Like most documents offered on EnglishCaddy, the reading log is available for free distrubution under the copyleft regulations as explained in the front cover of the log.

  7. I still need more information.

    More detailed information can be found on the English Reading Log page.  If you still require further information please contact EnglishCaddy at englishcaddy@yahoo.fr.

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