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TOEIC Preparation

Generally there is no TOEIC preparation.  The TOEIC exam is designed to test your level of English, in the areas of Listening and Reading and is NOT a pass/fail exam.  The best preparation is to work on your English, in your current English class, and on your own.  Read, Watch and Listen!

When working on your own, it is simple, ACTIVELY read magazines, newspapers, books, etc.make vocabulary lists, and annotations.  ACTIVELY listen and watch videos, news shows, films to increase your listening comprehension, making vocabulary lists, re-watching/re-listening to practice and understand the language.  Using any of the activities on this site will help you work on your English, and thusly increase you knowledge and ability in the language.  

However it is important to understand how the test functions, and included below are some online practice tests for you to take.

Disclaimer:The following links are practice TOEIC test gathered from different sources on the internet.  None of the following links are supported or endorsed by EnglishCaddy nor - in many cases - the ETS .

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The Official TOEIC Site

A site from the people (ETS) who produce the TOEIC.  Here you will find a handbook which explains how the test works and what to expect. .  Click here to access the site.

Know the Test

When taking the TOEiC test, it's important to be familiar with each section of the test. Below are sample questions from each section.

Section1: LISTENINGSection 2: READING

1. Photographs
2. Question-Response
3. Conversations
4. Short Talks

5. Incomplete Sentences
6. Text Completion
7. Reading Comprehension

Take the Placement test

TOEIC Placement test.  A 50 question TOEIC test simulation provided by the ETS.  Take this test to find out more about your level and which Module of the TOEIC test that you need to work on.

Click here to be taken to the online simulation.

Links to Other Non-official Online TOEIC Practice Tests

  • Practice Reading - practice the reading portion of the TOEIC test with this online interactive module.

TOEIC Listening Exercise

There are several videos in TOEIC listening exercise. Take your time, perhaps 1 video per week.  Listen to the video then respond to the questions.


 Click here for the response sheet for the first 15 videos

For the tape script and answers click here:  Adobe Acrobat file. Be sure to study the vocabulary presented in the exercises.

Listening Part 1

Here is a link to a site with many Part 1 questions, also known as the picture section.  Link here

TOEIC Vocabulary

One of the best things you can do to help you prepare for the TOEIC test is to increase your vocabulary.  Here are a few activities and references to help you on your way.