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RMS Titanic

April 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the fatal maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.  On this page you will find exercises and some interesting information about Titanic you can use to help improve your English.

Contents of this page

 Titanic-in-color A Visual Journey of the RMS Titantic
 Death of a Dream - Documentary Film
 Interview with a Survivor - Listening Comprehension
 A Night to Remember - 1958 Movie
 The Last Survivor  Saving Titanic - Listening Comprehension

Colorized Original Photos of Titanic

 A very gifted artist in Moscow named Anton Logvynenko, has amazingly colorized many of the orginal black and white photos taken of Titanic and her sister ships.  He has also brilliantly organized the interior images deck by deck on very detailed ship plans.

Click the image above to his colorizations of the exterior of Titanic, and below to see the interior photos deck by deck.


Titanic - Death of a Dream

A special A&E documentary about the RMS Titanic from her construction to her final resting place deep beneath the waves.

For more videos and documentaries about Titanic visit the Member Videos page.

Interview with a Survivor of the RMS Titanic

Listen to the BBC interview of Mr. Frederick Dent Ray, a steward aboard Titanic the night of its sinking and answer the questions below. 

**First click this link to begin the interview.**

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Frederick Dent Ray was born in 1879 and was 32 years old when Titanic struck the iceberg.  After surviving the disaster he lived to be 98 years old.

The Last Survivor

Millvina Dean, the last survivor of Titanic died in May 2009 at 97 years old.

Read more about her by clicking here.

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Save the Titanic?

Watch these 2 opposing videos about what these experts think should be done with the wreck of Titanic and answer the questions below.  Don't forget to add your opinion as to what you think should be done with the artefacts of the great disaster.

Paul-Henri Nargeolet - Director of Underwater Research, RMS Titanic
Pr. Robert Ballard - Discoverer of the RMS Titanic

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A Night to Remember

The original 1958 movie about the RMS Titanic


Links and Resources

  • BBC Archives - A collection of radio interviews of Titanic survivors.
  • RMS Titanic - Stewards of the artifacts and exhibitions.
  • Encyclopedia Titanica - A compendium of information concerning the RMS Titanic
  • National Geographic - The magazine's tribute to the 100th anniversary.
  • PBS Online - Online information about Titanic and other lost liners.
  • Member Videos - More documentaries and films about Titanic in the video section of EC.

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