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Showcase of Student Writings and Works

The only thing this page is waiting for is you!  

If you have creative works you would like publicized on EnglishCaddy this is the page for you.  Here you will find highlighted the creative writings and works from students of English from France and around the world.

This is designed to bring publicity to your accomplishments!  Are you an artist that maintains a blog.  Send the link to EnglishCaddy, and your work will be showcased here.  All types of creative works are accepted: poetry, musings, short stories, art work, photography, music, videos, etc.  

Publicize your work today.  Send an email to EnglishCaddy (englishcaddy@hotmail.fr) with links to your creations.

The Heart's Way

"The Heart's Way" (2017) is a short film montage create by Virgile L. and his brother designed to inspire and motivate you.  A must see!

The Heart's Way from Miam on Vimeo.

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