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Once a day!

Give yourself some time each and everyday to improving your English.

This page is a collection of daily English activities allowing you try something new in English everyday.  Depending on the time you have available you can do ALL or SOME of the activities.  Remember the activities on this page update everyday so check back often and practice your English!


English, Baby!

The New York Times

  • Test Yourself.  Daily English comprehension and vocabulary quizzes designed to test and teach.  By The Learning Network at the New York Times

VOA Special English

A daily 30 minute news broadcast in easy-to-understand spoken English brought to you by the Voice of America.  Click here to play today's broadcast.

VOA Special English Daily Podcasts

Daily Audio Podcasts and articles from the Voice of America.  Podcasts range from 1 to 3 minutes.  You can read the article while listening to the audio file.

For more podcasts, texts and quizzes, click here!

60 Second Science

BBC 6 Minute English

Regularly updated audio podcasts on a wide variety of topics by the BBC.  Each podcast is about 6 minutes in length, with a focus on conversation and vocabulary.
For past podcasts and archives, click here!

Word of the Day by Merriam Webster (beta)

Increase your vocabulary one word per day by using the Merriam Webster's new online Learners' Dictionary

For more challenging vocabulary, click on the menu or arrows at the top of the box to see words from the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and listen to the Podcast.

Grammar Girl

Here are weekly grammar tips and tricks designed to polish your English (High intermediate to advanced). 

Podcasts are provided by Grammar Girl. and are updated each Thursday.

A more complete episode list:

EC - Daily Comprehension - April Fools 2011

EnglishCaddy Once-a-day Activity for April 1, 2011

BBC Penguins - watch this short video about penguins and respond to the questions below.

Game suggested from Quizz.biz

 Happy April Fools' Day!

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