There is no Frigate like a Book - Emily Dickinson

Listening Activities


Develop your listening skills! 

Choose your level below to access the interesting exercises and activities designed to help you improver your listening comprehension.

Are you ready for a new level of listening practice?

Click on the gramophone to see EnglishCaddy's collection of audio dramas and radio shows.  A whole new dimension of listening!

Spelling Bee

Practice your listening and spelling with this addictive multi-level activity.  Select your level, push the speaker button then type what you hear.

Spelling Bee
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Audio Books

Scribl -  A great concept for eBooks.  Scribl offers hundreds of contemporary novels in serialized audio format!   If you don't have time to listen or read a whole book... why not listen to a book a chapter at a time????

The site uses a rating system so it's easy to find books for any fancy, in Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Humor, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller and more...

For more audiobooks,  you can also try the Audiobook Section on the EC Video page.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Hundreds of listening activities for you to improve your comprehension.


Radio Drama (experimental)

Anton Checkov - The Grasshopper

Never Alone

Remember you are never alone!  Click on this page for some motivational songs and stories!

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