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Take this quick evaluation test to discover where you should work on EnglishCaddy.  Is your level Débutant (beginner); Intermediate; or Advanced.

  1. All questions MUST be completed.  You have several chances to find the correct answer, but remember incorrect answers are calculated and effect your final score.
  2. When you have completed all of the questions, make sure to write down a) your "Final Score" (XX%) and, b) The number of "Questions Answered Correctly" XX/90.  Before continuing.
  3. Once you have recored your scores, press the "Evaluate Your Score" button located at the top and bottom of the screen.

EnglishCaddy Placement Test

EnglishCaddy Placement Test

All questions must be completed. Incorrect responses are penalized.


Continue to the "Evaluate Your Score" page.

Do NOT press until you have written down your results.

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